Hello, I'm Vera, a nerd and

a UI designer with a scientist's mindset.

I enjoy surprising people by iterating on the research and critiques to create prettier and more useful designs, and doing it again, and again, and again, and again...until I've solved the problems.

Why I used the water theme?

One character of my Chinese name, "瑜 Yu," is pronounced the same as fish(魚) in Mandarin. So I've been nicknamed fish since I was little. Also, I love making websites. The angle brackets used in HTML looks like a fish if you align it this way: ‹/›‹. Altogether, I created this water theme for my personal branding.

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My team and I worked closely with our clients to create an Andriod tablet interface for a 4-in-1 vital sign monitoring wearable of neonates in Uganda.


Stride 360

Along with my team, I branded and created an iOS mobile interface as well as the mobile-first responsive marketing site for a 2-in-1 fitness machine.



Based on the UX hand-offs and research, I worked on the branding of Vente and designed an iOS mobile interface and the mobile-first responsive marketing site to solve the problems of users who wanted to find the interested events quickly.


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